Get To Know Us

Sona Photography is a combined effort of Mona Chaudhry and Stephana Ferrell. We have worked together for years; and with our backgrounds, have a close understanding and specialization in South Asian and Greek weddings. Although we are based out of Orlando, FL and Ashburn, VA; we are available to travel to you, wherever that might be!

Mona Chaudhry

I have been photographing weddings since 1998 when I felt a need to leave my corporate work and fulfill my creative spirit. I started Novel Photography and grew my business and family almost simultaneously. Now, with four daughters and a very supportive husband I am co-owner of Sona Photography and have over 400 weddings in my portfolio.

Fun Facts About Mona

  1. I grew up with four sisters and had the best childhood memories. Now, having four girls of my own, I get to relive those memories though my daughters’ eyes.
  2. Although I have a Psychology degree with minor in Sociology, I worked as an equities tTrader after college. Of course, none of that fulfilled me, so I left it all for photography and haven’t been happier!
  3. I learned what love really is by watching my parents. I admire the way my father still treats my mother like a Queen, as she, her King. I met my husband while trying to hook his roommate up with my best friend. It didn’t work out for them, but twenty years and four kids later, he still looks at me the same way he did when we first met.
  4. I love April fools day. Every year I prank my husband and kids and they fall for it every time. I am the Prank Master.
  5. I believe in good energy and karma. I believe you should treat people the way you would want to be treated. Every good that you release in the world comes back as a blessing in your own life.

Stephana Ferrell

I grew up around photography and fell in love with my first camera at 5 years old. I went to Brooks Institute of Photography in CA and worked as a fashion photographer in New York City before joining the Novel Photography Team in 2006 in Orlando and starting my own studio, Bella Luce Photography, in 2008. In 2011, I partnered with Mona to form Sona Photography in addition to starting a family. Now a mother of two little boys and wife to one big boy at heart, I am happy to be able to help support my family doing something I love.

Fun Facts About Stephana

  1. I am a nerd. I love to learn, visit museums when I travel, play board games, and was president of Drama club in high school.
  2. I have three favorite moments from my childhood: Singing along with my dad as he played Cat Stevens songs on the guitar, helping my grandparents complete the Sunday crossword puzzle, and lip singing/ dancing with my sister to the Little Mermaid cassette tape we had that contained all the songs from the Disney movie. (Yes, total nerd)
  3. My previous work history includes toast girl, restaurant manager, flight attendant, instructor, and curriculum developer. Lots of hats, but I’m finally wearing my favorite three: wife, mom, and photographer.
  4. I love sentimental items. I’m a keeper of memories by nature. I make family yearbooks, I’ll (someday) turn my sons’ old clothes into homemade quilts, and every year we paint an ornament depicting something special from our year to hang on the tree.
  5. I met my husband the first week of a three month subscription to It was the first and only “match” date I went on, but I definitely got my money’s worth. It’s funny how it took a dating site to get us together because we actually both worked at Typhoon Lagoon in 2001, had a mutual friend, and his work at the time brought him on site to my apartment complex!

Cinematography services are provided by our friends at Riant Films. Please contact us for more information and a custom investment package.