Sincerely Us Sessions: What Are They?

Everyday we create moments that we wish we could always remember, and more importantly, we hope that our children will remember them as fondly as we do. These are small moments that make us who we are and fill a majority of our life story.
We also have larger moments in our lives that we want to be able to share with friends and family, whether they are anniversaries, birthdays, moving to a new home, or welcoming a new family member, these moments are full of emotion and excitement that should be captured in an authentic and creative way.
The Sincerely Us Session is serves to capture both large and small moments to help you visually share your story with friends and family and generations to come.

How to plan for a Sincerely Us Session

  1. Plan two activities that you frequently do together or that you really want captured to remember this time in your lives (cooking together, art/craft, game, bedtime routine, morning routine, etc)
  2. If it’s not a prop that’s relevant to you or the story, don’t use it….and even if it is, consider if it is really necessary to capture a true-to-life image
  3. Schedule around your family’s best/ most cooperative time of day. Bonus, if that time corresponds with the best natural light in the location where we will be shooting
  4. Don’t match- coordinate. Dress in an array of colors and patterns that compliment each other. Bonus, think about the colors and decor of your rooms we will be shooting in and try to fit in with that as well (if the room is formal, dress a bit more formal. If there is a theme or color scheme, work with complimentary or analogous colors)
  5. Be patient and don’t get wrapped up in struggles to get kids/pets to look at the camera. Let them be them and get wrapped up in what you’re doing as much as you can.
As far as how a typical session works, we love capturing candid moments, so our shooting style is to start with the formal portraits (everyone looking, structured posing) and then let you be you as you all participate in your planned activities. This also works best with little ones, as they often only last so long being told what to do.