Wedding Photography Budgeting Help

How do I decide how much photography coverage I need?

We love to document all aspects of your day, so our recommendation is to ensure your coverage time allows for:

a. At least the last hour of getting ready for your ceremony so we can capture the details of what you are wearing, the emotion leading up to seeing on another, and get some fresh portraits of both of you before the day really begins.

b. If you are planning a formal exit from your reception with a send-off by your guests and a special getaway mobile, then we recommend we also stay until the end of your event. If you plan on dancing the night away until the last guest decides to leave or you run out of time, then you will probably be safe with booking us through your first hour of your open dance floor.

Do I really need an engagement session?

Need? No. Is it worth it? Yes. Here’s why:

The Engagement Session allows us to get to know you a little better. We see this time as an opportunity to build up your comfort level with us and the camera between us. We’ll play with different poses and angles to find some you really like and feel fantastic in.

You get a lot more control over the elements: you’re not on a time crunch, no one is around to distract you or make you uncomfortable, you can choose a location that maybe you loved but didn’t work for your actual wedding venue, and your session can take place during “golden hour” without having to rearrange fifty other things to make it happen.

The pictures that result from the session can be used in a variety of ways at/for your wedding: Save the Date cards, guestbook, slideshow, matted/framed pictures to display, etc.

Are albums necessary?

In this age of digital photography it is easy to think having a digital archive of your wedding is enough to showcase your event for generations to come, but albums aren’t just pictures on a page. You will select the key images from your event and we will lay them out in a way that not only chronologically tells the story, they will be an art piece to share with family and friends. You don’t need to have them included in your initial package, it is something that can be added after you review your image collection or even a year or two into your marriage. The benefits of having it in your initial package are that you reserve today’s album rate with a discounted design fee and you will already be in our queue when it comes to designing your album.

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